Growing up in a large family in Nigeria, speaking Igbo was not encouraged for fear that our accents may be tainted. Now as an adult who understands Igbo but cannot speak fluently, I feel shortchanged. Fast forward to 2019 I am now paying to learn Igbo.

I intentionally and purposefully researched an Igbo tutor and came across NwaadaIgbo’s instagram page, made contact and this young lady is the business. Her materials are of degree standards in my opinion. She is passionate about what she does and clear in teaching. NwaadaIgbo is extremely patient and professional. If you are serious about mastering this language, I woud recommend her anyday. An aunty heard me showing off my oral skills and was wowed.

I look forward to every lesson. NwaadaIgbo starts from basic alphabets, phonetics and progresses. Trust me, any money invested in Onyinye as an Igbo tutor will be the best investment you make.

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