Umunne m kedụ nụ? A bụ m NwaadaIgbo.

We are native Igbo language speakers and professional tutors, here to help you increase your Igbo language proficiency through one on one tutoring sessions at your time, pace and convenience.

Why have we chosen to do this? Well, the use of Igbo language in its pure form is decreasing at an alarming rate. Younger generations of Igbos in Nigeria and Diaspora know little to nothing of their mother tongue, Igbo language. In fact, Igbo language has been listed by UNESCO as one of the languages which faces the threat of extinction, and as a true daughter of Igboland I find this disturbing.

So, in partnership with other expert Igbo language tutors, my mission is to fight against this threat of Igbo language extinction in my own little way by helping Igbos who are not proficient in Igbo language, as well as non-Igbos who are interested in learning the language, attain their desired level of proficiency in it.

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