Complete Igbo Language Course Overview


I am so glad you have decided to take your knowledge of Igbo Language to the next level. This is an excellent decision, and learning with us makes it even better. My name is Onyinyechi Ibelegbu, and I run NwaadaIgbo Language School. We help adults and children on their journey to understanding and speaking Igbo fluently.

To achieve your goal of increased proficiciency in Igbo language, you need Interest, Commitment, Consistency and Focus.  You have shown interest, and I have no doubt of your commitment. On my part, you can expect timely delivery and knowledge packed sessions.

Lessons will hold weekly on scheduled days and time. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with details of agreed schedule, start and end date, and course documents. I recommend that you go through the course material prior to the classes. Our classes are highly interactive: you ask questions, discuss ideas and end the session with an activity/assignment. Our teaching style is student centered; you and Ithe tutor will play active roles in the learning process through participation and collaboration. This has been proven to be the most efficent way of learning.

In teaching Igbo Language for beginners, we start from the basics and work progressively upwards. You will begin by identifying sounds in words, forming words, putting words together to make simple sentences and onwards to understanding more complex sentences, reading simple passages in Igbo and so on, thus your proficiency increases with each lesson. The course modules are as listed below;

MODULE 1    This module comprises of Lessons 1-3. It is a foundational module where you get acquainted with the Igbo alphabet, vowels and tones.

By the end of Module 1, you will be able to:

  • Pronounce the letters of the alphabet
  • Identify sounds of the different letters in words
  • Differentiate between vowel sounds in words
  • Understand vowel ellision and vowel harmony
  • Spell and write words in Igbo
  • Recognize different tones in Igbo language

MODULE 2 Common greetings and self –introduction;

  • Learn saluations used at different times of the day, for peers and older people, on different occassions, etc. Discuss salutations common to your hometown.
  • Learn to introduce yourself and other people.

MODULE 3: Nouns

  • Increase your vocabulary by learning names of people, places, things, foods, animals, numerals etc

MODULE 4: Pronouns

  • Learn different types of pronouns and its use in sentences (Subject pronouns, Object pronouns, possessive pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, etc). e.g m, gi, ya, unu, anyi, ha).

MODULE 5:  Verbs

Verbs are the backbone of every language. By the end of this module, you will comfortably make simple sentences in Igbo as you will learn conjugation of verbs and tenses e.g ‘bia’ (come) present tense- ‘na-abia’, past tense ‘biara’, future tense ‘ga-abia’, future continous tense ‘ga na-abia’, imperative bia, etc) as well as commonly used verb suffixes.

MODULE 6:Prepositions

  • Learn to describe the position of people and things and give directions to a place using prepositions like ‘n’elu’ on top, ‘n’etiti’ in the middle, ‘ma agafee’ beyond.

MODULE 7: Adjectives

  • Learn to describe physical or behavioural attributes of a person or thing using adjectives e.g ‘Oji’ dark, ‘Ogologo’ tall, ‘nwayo’ quiet, etc.

MODULE 8: Adverbs

  • Use adverbs of time e.g ‘echi’ tomorrow, ‘unyahu’ yesterday, ‘onwa gara aga’ last month, adverbs of manner and adverbs of frequency e.g. ‘oge obula’ to communicate better.

MODULE 9: Conjuctions and Interjections

  • Make more complex sentences using conjunctions to join clauses or sentences
  • Learn about common interjections used in Igbo language e.g Chimoo!!!

MODULE 10: Conversation Classes          

This module is optional and aimed at practicing all that has been learned in the previous modules through structured reading and discussions. If there are hours left over from the main course (this happens with very fast learners), it is used up in this module. If not, the learner may decide to book some hours for this module. In this module, you will:

  • Read and discuss simple passages in Igbo.
  • Talk about everyday topics, trending topics and tpoics of interest in simple language.
  • Read excerpts from Igbo poetry and novels, be exposed to adages, proverbs and creative expressions of the Igbo people.
  • Listen to simple conversations.

Average time taken:  As long as you need.


  1. The Complete Igbo Course is a blended package comprising of 16 hours one on one sessions + 12 videos + Textbook + Practice questions + 24/7 support at the price of $420. Payment is made before the commencement of classes.
  2. A recommended method to get the best out of the sessions is to watch the videos and attempt the exercises before each scheduled session.
  3. If a scheduled class is to be cancelled by either party, a notice period of at least 5 hours is required for weekday lessons and 8 hrs for weekend lessons. Failure to do this means that the class would count as attended.

By the end of this course, you would have achieved your desired level of proficiency and more. Let’s get started!!!!


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