Why Learn With Us

Perfecting any skill requires interest, focus, commitment, and consistency. But sometimes even these won’t be enough to get you there. Sometimes one-on-one tutoring and mentorship is required, especially when it comes to learning a language. This is where I come in.

While you may find some Igbo learning resources online and maybe even a few group Igbo classes organized by Igbo groups, it might take you forever to achieve any reasonable level of proficiency with them. Research even shows that one hour of conversation with a native speaker is as efficient as five hours in a classroom and ten hours in a language course by yourself.

So you see – learning Igbo language with a personal tutor like me remains the best way to go. With NwaadaIgbo, you will get the structured and detailed instruction you need to achieve proficiency in Igbo language – all with that personal touch that makes all the difference!

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