Being of proud Igbo parentage, my lack of fluency in the language has long been a source of concern and embarrassment for me. People make negative assumptions about you when they discover that you can’t spesk your mother tongue-they may think you are snobbish, ignorant, misguided, badly raised, ashamed of your heritage, etc. Even worse, you judge yourself for the inability to express this vital aspect of who you are. So this year I decided to do something about it. I decided to make a worthy investment in myself, and it was the best thing I could ever have done. Signing up with NwaadaIgbo has greatly improved my fluency level and confidence in speaking Igbo. NwaadaIgbo is highly skilled, dynamic, adaptable, approachable, well informed, intuitive and truly original in her approach to teach Igbo. Regardless of your competency level, she will immediately put you at ease, challenge you, inspire you, correct you with kindness and teach you not just to express yourself in Igbo but to fall deeper in love with the language. She does all this at an affordable price point with a highly accessible and flexible approach. Most importantly sh makes it all fun: every class is not just enlightening but enjoyable. Don’t waste a moment longer wishing you can learn Igbo: Sign up with NwaadaIgbo today.

Ogo, Abuja Nigeria

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